Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tomorrow's Elections

COFFEEGIRL: 你们要喝什么? (what do you want to drink?)

BENG: Umm. Teh-O peng. (tea without milk, with ice)

SENG: Kopi-O siu tai. (coffee without milk, less sugar)

BENG: Eh, tomorrow’s the election. You vote for who?

SENG: Shh…today’s cooling off day. We’re not supposed to talk about election.

BENG: Aiyah, no need to worry one. Cooling off day only means the candidates cannot appear on TV or newspaper or go out to campaign. We all ordinary people can talk, no problem.

SENG: They always say one thing but do another thing. You never know. Wait got ISD people around hear us, how?

BENG: Why you so scared ah? Trust me! Ok, if anything happens, I’ll be the one to get arrested, not you, ok?

SENG: Ok lah, I trust you, since you’re my friend for so many donkey years already.

BENG: So you vote for who?

SENG: Last time I voted for the PAP, but then…I don’t know. Something’s not right.

BENG: What’s not right? They promise you upgrading last time, and you got upgrading right?

SENG: Yah, I got upgrading. My flat now look like condo and somemore got lift at every floor. I don’t need to climb up staircase already.

BENG: So good, right? They gave you what they promised. Somemore this election, if you vote them again, they promise your flat will go up in value even higher. You’ll become a rich man!

SENG: Rich what rich? Flat got money doesn’t mean pocket got money.

BENG: Yah lah, but still?

SENG: Something’s wrong lah.

BENG: What’s wrong?

SENG: You see that coffeegirl over there who just took our orders?

BENG: Yah, pretty right?

SENG: Pretty, your head ah!

BENG: Ok, ok.

SENG: Ten years ago, she wouldn’t have been here.

BENG: What’d you mean?

SENG: You know where she’s from?

BENG: China?

SENG: Yah, ten years ago, where got people from China work in coffeeshop, taking our orders? It’ll be one of our own people.

BENG: So? China people come here serve us, you should be very happy what. We macham like their masters like that.

SENG: Beng, you know how many times I see our old people selling tissue in the hawker centres and collecting cans from the dustbins?

BENG: How many times?

SENG: Many times. Everyday I will always see one or two.

BENG: So what? At least they got something to do right?

SENG: Aiyah, Beng, you study until university, still cannot see the link ah? Those old people can work in the coffeeshop instead. More stable pay. Better working environment. Instead, these young China girls come here steal the job.

BENG: Demand and supply mah.

SENG: Don’t give me your chim chim words ok? I know what I see.

BENG: But then, everything else still ok right?

SENG: You know my younger brother, Heng?

BENG: Yah, what about him?

SENG: Last year, he got retrenched. They say must cut cost so no choice. Must be cheaper, better, faster. Bullshit la. All those job credit nonsense. Save jobs…save what jobs?

BENG: Aiyah, so gahmen got help him find job anot?

SENG: Gahmen, gahmen. Gahmen do nothing la. Until now, he still don’t have proper job. Must go agency find temp job.

BENG: Economic crisis mah.

SENG: Gahmen always say vote them in will have better years ahead. We vote them in last time, but now say got economic crisis. Where got sense?

BENG: Some things can’t control la.

SENG: Then everytime when economy do well, they say gahmen good so must pay them millions of dollars. But when economy do badly, they always blame us, say we all not hardworking enough. But they still get millions of dollars. Beng, you see got logic anot?

BENG: Umm.

SENG: Somemore my brother got degree, like you. Second class honours! Still cannot find proper job! Where got sense? You’re lucky, Beng, still got your job.

BENG: Hope your brother gets a proper job soon.

SENG: I also very lucky. Although I only know how to repair cars, at least my employer still want me to work.

BENG: Good for you lah.

COFFEEGIRL: 来烧 (come hot)

BENG: 多少? (how much?)

COFFEEGIRL: 块五 (one dollar fifty cents)

SENG: Come come, never mind, I pay.

BENG: Thanks lah, next time I treat.

SENG: It’s ok. Today I treat you. Tomorrow I will hammer them!

--- END ---

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