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Financial Address of the Honorary Finance Secretary

This speech was delivered at the Annual General Meeting of the Singapore Management University Students' Associaton on 21st January 2009.

As the Honorary Finance Secretary from January to December 2008, it was my duty to present the statement of accounts of the Association for the past year.

Due to confidentiality of the accounts, I have only included the opening and closing remarks of the speech. I hope you find some inspiration in reading this.


Financial Address & Presentation of Statement of Accounts 
by Nathaniel Koh Kim Kui
Honorary Finance Secretary, 8th SMU Students' Association
SMUSA Annual General Meeting
21st January 2009

Good Evening,

President, 8th SMU Students’ Association, Andrew Wong

President, 9th SMU Students’ Association, Rachel Kok

Council Members

Leaders & Representatives of Clubs

Invited Guests

Members of the Association

Ladies and Gentlemen

Opening Remarks

1. I am delighted to be here today to present to you the financial report of the SMU Students’ Association for 2008. 

2. The past year has been one of great change and challenges. We embarked on several key initiatives that will hopefully propel the finances of our Association towards greater heights in the years ahead.

3. I would be the first to admit that our financial system is not perfect. No system is or can be perfect. But it is this never-ending quest for the elusive goal of perfection that drives us to work hard, that drives us to keep on improving, that drives us towards better accountability, better transparency, better integrity of the finances of our Association, all in the name of Students First.

4. Any student leader can tell you that it is a challenge to meet every demand.  And in finances, the demands have never been greater. I wish to acknowledge those student leaders who are with me here today, and those are unfrotunately could not be with us. They have served with me not just in the finance committee, not just in student governance, but also as friends, as partners, and as confidentes.

5. I wish to acknowledge their service here today.

a. As Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee & Deputy Finance Secretary of the Students’ Association, she has been my alter-ego and partner in this journey, please give a round of applause for Ng Seok Imm!

b. As President of the Students’ Association, he concurrently served as member of the Finance Committee, and has played a very crucial role in the committee, bringing with him his brand with motivation and experience, please give a round of applause for Andrew Wong!

c. As Committee Secretary, she has been meticulous in recording the minutes of our committee meetings. Without her, our meetings would not be as smooth. Please give a round of applause for Teh Qing Yu!

d. Next, our four Finance Secretaries of the CCA Constitutent Bodies have played critical roles as links to the clubs. Credit must go to them for educating clubs and for handling the mountains of claims that are sent to their mailbox every single day.

I wish to acknowledge the hard work of my four CCA Constituent Bodies Finance Secretaries: 

Finance Secretary of the Arts & Cultural Fratenity: Ong Heng

Finance Director of the SMU Sports Union: Gay Zhi Cong

Finance Secretary of the Special Interest & Community Service Solidality: Kwok Kin Fei

Finance Secretary of the SMUXtremists: Wu Hui

Please give them a round of applause!

e. Finally, our six Finance Secretaries of the School Constituent Bodies have played a valuable role in ensuring that their schools keep their students happy and united by maintaining accurate records of the finances of their activities:

Finance Secretary of the School of Accountancy Society (ASOC1): Kwan Zhi Yuan

Finance Secretary of the School of Business Society (BONDUE): Bena Yeong

Finance Secretary of the School of Economics Society: Lincoln Choi

Finance Secretary of the SMU Information Systems Society: Tang Kejie

Finance Secretary of the School of Law Society: Darius Tay

Finance Secretary of the School of Social Sciences Society: Muhammad Suffyan

Let’s give all of them a round of applause!

6. For the next 30 minutes, we will discover the following parts.

a. Key initiatives for 2008
b. Presentation of accounts
c. Closing Remarks
d. Question & Answer

Closing Remarks

The future of our finances holds great promise. 

With your help, the principles of accountability, transparency, and integrity can come true.

Despite all that you have seen and heard today, we are not there yet. But I have faith we will get there one day.

The time will come when those principles become synonymous with the finances of the Students’ Association.

But we cannot do this alone. We need you, the clubs, to come on board with us. We are your partners. We are your peers.

The work of my predecessors and the work of my committee has brought us a few steps closer towards those principles.

I have faith that my successor, Avnish, and his team will lead us forward in this quest.

To Avnish and your team, I wish you the very best in the year ahead.

Thank you.

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