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Endorsements - Campaign for Division S Governor 2006/2007

This is a sample of endorsements during my campaign for Division S Governor in 2006. I owe these people a great debt in promoting and endorsing me during the campaign.

Endorsement #1: Pradeep Kumar, Area D5 Governor 2005/2006
"I endorse, Mr. Nathaniel Koh ATMS as the Division S Governor for the term 2006-2007. Quite apart from me (just joking!), I am unable to think of a better candidate. Nathaniel is passionate, deligent and a bright young man. He is very knowlegable of what Toastmasters is all about. This is not limited to his knowledge of the rules and procedure.

Mr.Koh will shortly be embarking on his undergraduate studies with Singapore Management University. He will have all the time in the world to focus not only on his studies and reigning in on his raging hormones but also his beloved Division S.

Do not hold his youth and good looks against him but focus on his ability and ask, can he deliver? There can be only one answer, and that has to be a resounding Yes!

Give him a chance, give him your support and give him the opportunity to serve you: which only a young man with passion and the brains can do.

Vote for Nathaniel! If you refuse to heed my advice, then do not complain if the candidate of your choice does not satisfy your expectations. But instead support your candidate with silent determination."

Endorsement #2: Michael Rodrigues, Division D Governor 2003/2004
I have been aware of Nathaniel’s enthusiasm, devotion and diligence as a Toastmaster for the past 6 years.

He exudes enthusiasm when it comes to Toastmasters and everything to do with the movement. This is exemplified in the work and office he has held through out these years. It all started when he was a student at Temasek Polytechnic as he was responsible for reviving this club which is still very active today, partly due to his mentoring and care.

Nathaniel’s devotion to Toastmasters directed him to join Tampines Changkat Toastmasters club where he studied well under the tutelage of the experienced and Great Toastmasters of the club that enabled Nathaniel to dedicate his membership to support the club as an officer, mentor and friend. He is well-liked at this club and is still called upon for support all the time.

The good work and diligence that Nathaniel has put in at club level has been recognized by Division S as has been called upon to serve the Division as Secretary, Webmaster and this term (2005-2006) as Area S4 Governor. Nathaniel’s progression through the ranks at Club and Division level has brought him a wealth of experience in Organization, Administrative and Mentoring skills that will arm him with all the qualities required of a Division Governor.

I believe Nathaniel Koh will make an effective Governor for Division S and I wish him all the very best and hope this is only another step for Nathaniel Koh is serving District 80 of Toastmasters International.

Endorsement #3: Loh Zhiqi, SMU Toastmasters Club
Despite his years of experience and knowledge, Nathaniel came across as very humble. I first met him when he visited the Toastmasters Club which I was a fresh member of. Being a newcomer, I was highly motivated by his support – providing his email to the club so we could contact him for advice or for assistance in preparing for our project speeches. He was very approachable.

He’s passion for helping new Toastmasters goes further than just being approachable. Whenever there are club contests or talks held externally, he would share it with us and encourage us to attend. These opportunities were good exposures that further helped me in my growth as a Toastmaster.

Nathaniel has a very positive attitude. Once during a club meeting, a few members who were supposed to do their project speeches pulled out at the last minute, resulting in a drastic shortening of the programme. The overall atmosphere was not too good but Nathaniel promptly volunteered to do a 10-12 min educational speech on “How to Conclude Your Speech with a Bang.” He saved the day!

In addition to being a kind, calm and optimistic gentleman, I feel that his altruism in helping others is the most wonderful thing that Nathaniel possesses.

Endorsement #4: Rendell Tan, Tampines Regional Library Toastmasters Club
Nathaniel is certainly one of the most dedicated, committed and passionate toastmaster, who has given his best and more to the success of his club as well as the Area S4.

I recalled once when I was desparate for a Language Evaluator when the initial LE was called away due to an emergency. My first thought was to call Nathaniel for help. It was literally the "last hour" the night before, and he promptly said "Yes!" His enthusiasm and generosity plus a huge helping of willingness to go the extra mile will always remain in my mind.

Never mistaken his quiet unassuming manner, as what lies below is a man of conviction, confidence and compassion. He has the ability and the leadership qualities, and most important of all - I see he has humility and is always willing to listen for feedback to improve.

I strongly believe Nathaniel will always be dependable, and can be counted on at all times to help Division S grow stronger wings and take us higher in the skies of District 80.

With honour and with pleasure, I hereby endorse him to be the next Division S Governor 2006-2007 in District 80.

Endorsement #5: Edwin Ollikkala, Lecturer, Temasek Polytechnic
Nathaniel Koh is a man with a vision. He was born with Toastmasters in his blood. He has conquered challenges that many said were insurmountable. Nat, as known to his many friends and colleagues, is self-driven, need-driven, and proactive. He consistently strives to meet his own high standards and surpass the standards of others.

Nathaniel Koh is a motivator. He inspires others to persevere and achieve their hopes and dreams. He helps clubs to meet their goals. His long-term vision and meticulous planning has resulted in magnificent achievements.

Do not ask me what he has done. Ask yourself what you would like to do and then tell it to Nathaniel. He will see it through. Ask your club where you would like to be in one, three, or five year’s time and let Nat work out a plan.

Listen to Nathaniel Koh. He speaks with passion, innovation, and enthusiasm. He thinks creatively. He is honest, hardworking, and dedicated beyond rationalization. Why does he do it? Like I said, he has Toastmasters in his blood.

Read what the others say about him and then see if you can find a more ideal candidate. I bet my life that you can’t. That’s why I am endorsing Nathaniel Koh for Division S Governor.

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